If you want to use FlexR on more then one device, you can make FlexR automagically sync its data between devices. It will use your own Google Drive space to do so, none of your data is stored outside of your own private Cloud space.

Perform the following steps to enable sync between devices:

  • Go to the Main menu
  • Go to the Settings
  • Got to the Cloud Sync settings.
  • Select the Google Drive user to use for the Sync (normally yourself)

===> The first time you do this, a pop-up will appear to ask for FlexR permission to access your google drive (app private space only!).

  • Enable Cloud Sync
  • Do this on both devices, using the same google drive user


If there is already a sync file found in your google drive, FlexR will ask if you want to Read or Write it now.
If this is the first device you enable Cloud Sync, and your device contains valid FlexR data (like your shifts and planned schedule), you should ask "Write" to overwrite the existing Sync file with your current data.
If this is the second device you enable Cloud Sync, and FlexR has no data yet (your other device has!), you should answer "Read", to Read the already existing FlexR sync data into your device.

Data is synced to and from the google drive, every time you make changes in FlexR and when FlexR is started or the FlexR calendar is opened.

Not all settings are Synced, they can be different between devices, Salary settings are synced,

How to use FlexR

On this page you will find information about what you can do with FlexR. Also, you will see some screenshots of the app. Just click the button and it will lead you to the 'How FlexR works' page.


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